Hudson Springs Early Fall

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  • Stealing Home

    One of several fields at Barlow Park, this was shot one night after baseball practice. Everyone was gone and just my kids and I were left. What's amazing is the combination of summer sunset in the north west sky and the chance of a late day summer storm in the southern sky. I can still imagine the warm, breezy feeling standing there watching the sunset and wondering if the storm gets to us or goes on by.

  • Bridge To A Bridge

    Shot in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, this is the bridge near the Brecksville Reservation train stop on a summer morning not too long ago. The larger bridge in the distance is Route 82.

  • Early Morning Hay Field

    Peaceful morning field shot in eastern Illinois not far from Grafton, IL and about an hour from St Louis. MO. I wandered down a country road looking for scenes like this and took the chance of walking into this field so I could get a little closer to the rolled hay.

  • Hobbits Have Walked Here

    The Great Smokey Mountains are full of wonderful hikes across rocky streams and around waterfalls and it seems the sound of moving water is always with you. There's something about this bridge that makes me feel like some other-worldly creatures like Hobbits would have been walking around in scenes like this. If you look really close you might find some blurry feet of my own hobbits at the time. See if you can find them :-_)

  • Hudson Clock Tower At Night

    How to shoot a classic symbol of a great little town in northeast Ohio? Shoot a long exposure at night, get some cars to drive by to create some light trails and voila, here you go. One of my favorites.

  • Hudson Springs Early Fall

    Some days just work, the early fall colors, amazing cirrus clouds, mist on the water...I personally have this printed on canvas handing in my dining room and every time I look at it I smile and sort of get lost in how good it makes me feel.

  • Attack Or Defend

    Spring time lacrosse goal (on grass!) looking into an approaching storm. Of course this print is popular with lacrosse players, boys and girls, and their parents. Depending on where they play on the field, their instincts are different, it's something to be defended, or attacked.

  • Sunrise Explosion

    For just a few moments on this morning at Hudson Springs Park, the sunrise and the mist coming off the water combined for something I hadn't seen before. It was literally an explosion of light all around me the moment the sun popped up above the trees in the distance. And it hardly lasted, as soon as the sun got up a bit higher it was gone.

  • My Favorite Carolina Pier

    Shot on the east coast of the US, you can see remnants of an early morning storm in those clouds in the distance and the wet sand and boardwalk in the foreground. Eventually the sun wins out and the day turns warm and beautiful.

  • The Rainbow Trail

    This is near a trail named Boston Run in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park shot right after a rain storm rolled through. The double rainbow is created by a western, setting sun lighting up the sky.

  • Fiery Winter Skies

    Sometimes you just time it right, for a few moments last winter the sky was on fire lighting up an icy, snowy scene on the ground at Hudson Springs Park.

  • Walking Along Turned Around

    Near Hampton Hills, I don't believe this trail exists anymore, it used to be a shorter cut-through which has been removed. I tried for years to get a decent photo of this area and was never happy. Then one day while hiking, I turned around at the top and there it was. Those aren't ferns but when I shot it I thought I could name it Fern Gully but that would confuse everyone. So I call it what I did, which isn't confusing at all :-)

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