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John Slater is a landscape and nature photographer based in northeast Ohio.  His portfolio includes many photos of the Ohio area including the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Hudson (his hometown) and the surrounding area.  John's favorite type of photo are large landscapes and natural scenes usually full of lots of sunlight and color.  His go-to photographic technique is shooting multiple exposures of the same scene and combing them, which allows for lots and color and light and is intended to make the viewer feel like they are there, watching the same scene in person and feeling the way it felt when the photo was created.

John is also an experienced portrait photographer specializing in outdoor photos of high school seniors and families.  Throughout the last ten years or so of shooting portraits, John says one of the best parts of the job is getting to know so many amazing young adults at a exciting time in their lives and he gets to share just a bit of that excitement by capturing them as they end one phase of their lives and start others.

"I sincerely hope you find something on this site that makes you feel good, makes you smile or helps you appreciate some of the amazing natural spaces all around us.  Thank you"  -- John

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